Hollyoaks Pearl: Dawn Hope, Corrie villain’s mum, is Dawn Hope’s rival soap role


Dawn Hope, an actress on Hollyoaks, is one of the newest additions. Earlier this year she was cast as newcomer Pearl Anderson, the best pal of Walter Deveraux’s wife Gloria.

With her warm, friendly personality and warm smile, she debuted in September.

Dawn, 61 years old, stated: “I’m absolutely thrilled to be introducing the fun-loving Pearl, with her vibrant and stylish energy, as I join the warm and welcoming Hollyoaks team.”


Dawn, however, has a darker and more vulnerable past, although it is fictional.

Back in 2012, she used to play Alison Soames in Coronation Street, the mother of Tyrone Dobb’s abusive partner Kirsty.

Hollyoaks casted Coronation Street star Dawn Hope as newcbie Pearl
Hollyoaks named Dawn Hope, Coronation Street’s star, as newcbie Pearl

This is a far cry of her outgoing character from the rival soap.

To give context, Kirsty (played by Natalie Gumede) was Tyrone Dobbs’ violent ex-girlfriend. The mechanic discovered that she had died from an aneurysm, and found her dead in her flat.

Alison, her mum, was married with Edwin Soames who abuses both her mother and Kirsty.

Alison left her husband of a lifetime and sought refuge. She eventually moved to live with Tyrone, Kirsty, and Ruby.

Dawn played evil Kirsty's mum Alison
Dawn was the evil mother Alison played by Kirsty.

The abuse went on as Kirsty struck Tyrone.

Tyrone ended up wrongly in jail for domestic violence, but Alison convinced Kirsty the truth by telling the police that she beat Tyrone.

Alison was eventually removed from the picture. In 2017, it became clear that Alison had left.

It was confirmed that she had died in 2021.

It was confirmed this year that Alison had died
It was confirmed that Alison had passed away in this year’s Christmas Eve service

Dawn was also in a National Theatre production of Follies, and a stage production of Little Shop of Horrors.

She was Jenny in Waiting For God, a British sitcom that ran five series from 1990 to 1994.

Dawn told Inside Soap that Walter and Pearl could find romance, but it is unlikely they will rush to become a couple.

She stated: “It’s when you rekindle a friendship that you start to see the similarities.

“Then, you begin to look at people in a particular way…but they are aware of Gloria’s memory so they won’t rush.

“I think Pearl’s a lady with a plan, though. When opportunity knocks, she takes it and runs with it!”

Hollyoaks airs weekdays at 6.30pm on Channel 4, followed by first-look episodes at E4 at 7.30pm

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