Hollyoaks tragedy as two more characters die in blaze aftermath leaving fans in tears


Hollyoaks broadcast heartbreaking scenes after Sylver McQueen’s death. Two more deaths were also confirmed, one at the end on E4.

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Hollyoaks: Sylver dies after fatal explosion

Hollyoaks broadcast heartbreak Wednesday night in the aftermath of a destructive fire that ravaged the village. Celeste Faroe, Marnie Nightingale were both killed.

Sylver McQueen tragically lost his life trying to save his stepson Bobby.

Bobby called Sylver to death to make a terrible decision after learning that his stepdad had left the family.

Bobby didn’t believe Sylver when he returned. In an attempt to avoid Silas Blissett being convicted of murder, Bobby pretend that he didn’t see Sylver inside the building.

His death was a result of this decision. On Wednesday, his body was taken from the burnt building in front his grieving family.

Celeste died in the explosion, which was confirmed by the E4 opening minutes.

After she had escaped, she ran back to her brother Toby, refusing to let him go, and they were both trapped.

Toby survived, but was admitted to ICU with a head injury. It is not yet clear if he will make a full recovery.

Unfortunately, Felix’s mother Martine confirmed the death of their daughter as she held her belongings.

Martine was furious after learning that Felix knew Toby had killed Lisa Loveday’s niece in 2020. Then he framed Mitchell.

Martine blamed Celeste for all the grief after Celeste died. He had abandoned his siblings when they were young children.

He was also hurt when she said that she wished it was her who died, and not their daughter.

However, they weren’t alone in their grief. At the end of this episode, the Nightingales lost one of their members.

After major surgery, Juliet was confirmed to be in good health. Romeo was also confirmed to be fine.

Marnie and James had a fight over James being absent all night as the family stayed at the hospital. This was despite Romeo and Juliet being hurt and almost dying.

Marnie was tragically killed in the following day, just one day after her head wounds were not properly examined by fans.

Marnie confided in Misbah, her close friend and nurse. She thanked Misbah for saving her loved ones.

Donna-Marie, Romeo’s and Juliets mother, opened up to her and told her how grateful she felt for having her children in her life.

Marnie claimed she would never let them go, and that she had finally found love through them. But suddenly, as Marnie leant on Donna-Marie’s shoulder, she collapsed.

Donna-Marie was unaware she was unconscious until just after she realized she wasn’t responding to commands. Then, she shouted for help. Misbah tried to rescue her friend.

As Misbah did CPR, James and Donna Marie watched. It was too late.

Marnie’s passing was confirmed by a clip immediately after the credits. The news report also included three other fatalities.

Sylver, Celeste and all three of their victims were also seen on the screen.

During and after the episode viewers raced on Twitter, admitting that they were there “sobbing”The emotional scenes are a great way to end the day.

Hollyoaks airs weeknights from 6:30 to 7:15 on Channel 4 and the next episode is on E4 starting at 7:15.