Hollyoaks Zara star’s story – rival soap job and glam photos


Following Luke Morgan’s mistake at a fundraiser, Zara Morgan & Cindy Cunningham fight in Hollyoaks.

After Luke accidentally bought a holiday for trial treatment, Cindy attempts to correct his mistake. Zara instead blames Cindy front and center.

How will this impact their relationship? What about Cindy?

Since 1999, Zara Morgan was a Hollyoaks favorite. She delighted viewers when she returned to the soap.

Kelly Condron, Zara actress, has lived a fascinating life away from the TV screens. She had a surprising romantic encounter and was also cast in rival soap roles.

Surprise return

Kelly Condron plays Zara Morgan in Hollyoaks
Hollyoaks’ Zara Morgan is played in Hollyoaks by Kelly Condron

Hollyoaks fans were thrilled when Zara Morgan, Kelly Condron’s character, made a surprise return after 15 years.

Zara’s explosive entrance saw Zara fly back to the village in Thailand from Thailand where she had worked for a charity. She had just learned that her mum had passed away.

Luke Lucy played her brother and Zara demanded to know why she hadn’t been informed about the death of her mother.

Zara's return came as a huge surprise to brother Luke Morgan
Luke Morgan was shocked when Zara returned to his family.

Kelly spoke out about her surprise return to Digital Spy. “It’s brilliant and I’m having an absolute ball. It’s fantastic to be back on set. A lot of the crew are still the same and some of the old cast members are still there too.”

Although Zara and Luke’s relationship was initially difficult, Kelly said that they were happy to work together off-screen. “I’m really pleased to be back and working with Gary, who’s doing some cracking some stuff on screen at the moment. Steph Waring who plays Cindy is also a cracking actress.

“I have shared core scenes with them since the very beginning. It’s wonderful to be back and it feels right for me.”

Soap roles in rival soaps

Kelly is a successful voice over artist for TV and adverts
Kelly is a well-known voice artist for TV and commercials.

Kelly is best known for playing Zara in Hollyoaks. But, Kelly has also appeared in roles on rival soaps.

Kelly was a Patient called Geri on Children’s Ward in 1998. Kelly then appeared in Heartbeat the following year as Julie Hepponstall.

In addition to her roles in Casualty, she was also an actor in two other characters. She also appeared in My Wonderful Life as Tracey in 1999 and in Shameless as well as in cameos in The Street and The Street.

Kelly also has a successful voice-over career, providing narration for shows such as Celebrity Scissorhands as well as brands like Heinz, Sony, Britvic.

Unexpected romance

Kelly met her husband to be after moving to Manchester while playing Zara Morgan
After moving to Manchester to play Zara Morgan, Kelly met her husband.

Kelly, Adam Condron and their two children are married.

The unusual meeting of the couple occurred after Kelly started visiting Monton in Manchester and wanted to buy a painting from its walls.

The artist, however, refused to sell his painting.

Kelly Condron has spoke about her relationship on her website
Kelly Condron spoke on her website about their relationship

She kept going back to the restaurant despite this and made friends with Adam, the owner of the restaurant, who was later revealed to be the artist who refused to sell her painting.

She received more than a painting, however. The couple fell in love and have been married ever since.

Kelly stated the following on her website: “It turns out the man who was brave enough to say no to me, who stood by his morals, who was driven and passionate enough to own his own restaurant at the age of 24, who drove me mad and made me laugh in equal measures, was in fact the man of my dreams.

“I knew from the moment I met him that I wanted to marry him. It’s cheesy, I know. But 15 years later, we are married and have two incredible children. The painting is still hanging in our bedroom.

Glam snaps

Kelly Condron shares glam snaps on her social media
Kelly Condron shares her glam snaps via social media

Kelly delights her fans regularly with her glamourous snaps on social-media, including the many outfits she wears in Zara Morgan’s Hollyoaks.

One shot showed the star looking radiant as she posed wearing a flower-print kimono and blue straight leg trousers with an orange sequin bodice. Her long blonde locks were flowing past her shoulders and a fedora cap.

She captioned her beautiful snap: “Something for the weekend? Zara’s playing dress up.”

Fans were wild for the photo, which was captioned with this: “Aww you always look amazing and stunningly beautiful hun.”

Others added a series of heart and flame emojis to their posts, while another one was added: “I’m getting Wonder Woman vibes with the red and blue.”

Hollyoaks airs weekdays at 6.30pm on Channel 4, followed by first looks episodes on E4 starting at 7pm

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