Home Sweet Home Alone – All the Nods To the Original Movie


Who says you can’t go home again? 

Twenty-six more years later Home Alone turned Macaulay Culkin into the world’s most famous child star and became a Christmas staple, the classic movie’s Disney Plus remake is finally here.

Home Sweet Home AloneFinds JoJo RabbitStandout Artie YatesCulkin’s famous puffer jacket and beanie were worn by Gen-Z’s Kevin McCallister. This 10-year-old Brit is charged with protecting his Chicago home against robbersEllie Kemper  Rob Delaney) after he is left alone for the holidays when his family departs for a vacation in Tokyo. This version shows them getting tripped by the fact they were divided up into separate flights. Hijinks ensue and there is bodily harm. 

Directed By Dan MazerAnd written by Mikey Day Streeter Seidell, Home Sweet Home Alone adds modern touches to the story—Max constantly talks to his Alexa-esque device and the house doesn’t have a landline—but still finds ways to pay homage to the original film, including the return of a fan-favorite character and an update on what Kevin is up to now. 

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