Homeless Man Rescues Missing Arizona Motorcyclist Stuck in Hole for 4 Days


A homeless man who acted as a good Samaritan rescued a missing Arizona motorcyclist who was injured and stuck in a hole for four days.

The family of Martin Villalobos, 32, would like to find the man and thank him after he summoned help for Villalobos, who spent four nights without food, water or shelter in a crater near Interstate 10. Badly injured, Villalobos is now hospitalized after being found Sunday.

Villalobos went for a dirt bike ride on Wednesday and never returned, said Alicia Rodriguez, who shares a daughter with the Tucson resident and reported him missing on Friday after not being able to reach him by phone.

“He’s doing great,” Rodriguez told Inside Edition Digital Tuesday, speaking from the hospital where Villalobos has undergone surgery for a fractured spine. He crashed his motorcycle in a crevice on Wednesday and wasn’t able to move from the waist down, she said.

“He’s in a lot of pain, but he’s stable,” she said. Doctors have said there is a possibility that he won’t be able to walk again, but Rodriguez said she believes that because he survived four days in the wilderness, he will fight to regain his mobility. 

Villalobos said he screamed for help after landing in the crater, but no one came by. “He was trying not to move at all so he wouldn’t get internal bleeding,” she said. His phone was dead, so he couldn’t call for help.

On the fourth night, he gave up hope of being found and fell asleep. Enter the good Samaritan, who happened by and said to Villalobos, “Hey man, that’s a nice bike. Can I take it for a ride?”

Villalobos told the man he was welcome to the green motorcycle, and his phone and his Apple watch. “Just get me some help,” he begged.

His rescuer said, “I’m just playing with you man,” Rodriguez recounted. Then he took off running to summon help from a nearby Circle K convenience store.

At first, people in the mini market didn’t believe him, Rodriguez said. Then an employee remembered seeing a news story about a missing person riding a green dirt bike. “We should listen to this man,” the employee said.

So the workers summoned law enforcement and then walked with the homeless man to help Villalobos.

“He had a lot of angels that night,” Rodriguez said.

Not only was Villalobos seriously hurt, he had also been bitten by a coyote during his ordeal, she said.

His rescuer rebuffed all offers of gratitude, and walked away after Villalobos was found, Rodriguez said. He gave his name as only “Coleman.”

As Rodriguez spoke to Inside Edition Digital, she stopped to take an incoming call. “That was ‘Coleman,'” she said when she got back on the line.

She told him people were offering meals, money and other rewards for his service.

“He said he likes being homeless,” Rodriguez said. But she wants to meet him, and to ask him if he would be comfortable with having a GoFundMe account established in his name.

“People want him to be warm,” she said.