Homeowners forced to use wheelie bags to park on ‘nightmare’ road to save space


Helen Barrell, 43 years old, is from Smethwick, West Midlands. She used her wheeliebins to reserve parking for her house outside because the road is so clogged, partly due to a primary school nearby.

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Smethwick woman discusses how to use wheeliebin to save parking spots

An unhappy homeowner uses her wheelie boxes to reserve parking space outside her house.

Helen Barrell claimed that her street’s parking situation is very bad. “nightmare”It was partly because teachers and parents at a nearby school used it as an overspill.

According to the 43-year old, despite congestion on the roads, motorists continue to drive at unsafe speeds, and she is concerned about fatalities. BirminghamLive.

The author and librarian from Smethwick in West Midlands were having contractors replace a window. She decided to try this trick to make sure they had parking.

“I couldn’t leave the contractors to carry it all the way up the road otherwise it risked being broken,”Helen, who lived in Gladys Road, Bearwood, for 12+ years.

“And they needed access to their tools while working.”

She spoke out about congestion and stated: “The road I live in is right by a primary school which doesn’t have any parking for staff, so they all park on my road and other roads nearby.

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“Parents also try to park in the street when dropping off and picking up their children from school.

“It’s a nightmare for residents as there’s just nowhere to park, and it worries me that this situation is played out all over the region and in fact the country.

“It is very dangerous for children.”

Helen, who lives with her partner and cat, has called on Sandwell Council to implement a 20mph speed limit on Gladys Road, and nearby Ethel Street, and enforce a one-way system.

She said even though it is currently two-way, because cars park on both sides, it is essentially one-way anyway, but with cars trying to get down it from both sides.

“This road is also a hill and some drivers drive down it too fast.” she continued.

“It seems absurd that a street near a school has a speed limit of 20 mph. But, it appears as though it is not a priority because no one has been killed and mown down.

“It seems dreadful to me that we have to wait until someone dies before anything is done.”

Helen regretted that her street is being rerouted to install an electric charging station. She believes this will lead to ‘confrontations.

She claimed that those who live in terraces with no off-street parking can find it beneficial. “incredibly difficult”Charge their cars.

“I dread to think of the battles that will ensue as people fight over that space,”She continued.

A spokesperson for the council stated: “In recent years Sandwell Council’s highways team has worked hard to improve safety across the borough and investigate and implement road safety measures.

“Each one-way request in the borough will be investigated thoroughly, as each can have both advantages or disadvantages.

“The area around Gladys Road and Ethel Street is already being considered for a 20mph zone in the current year’s programmes of road safety works.

“Sandwell Council is listening and will provide additional funding to fund a wider variety of community requests this year for road safety measures.