Honey Ross’s daughter Honey embraces curves wearing a white bandage costume for Halloween


Honey, Jonathan Ross’s daughter, showed off her figure as she took to Instagram ahead of the spooky weekend.

Jonathan’s daughter is not afraid to show off her body and this was no exception as she donned a barely-there outfit.

Honey, 24, was a Celebrity Gogglebox guest along with her father. Honey slipped into her raunchy outfit without much imagination.

But her extravagant outfit almost brought on the attention of Instagram bosses. They have been trying to curb the amount of sultry pictures posted on the photo-sharing website in recent months.

Honey Ross looked sensational as she prepared for Halloween
Honey Ross looked stunning as she got ready for Halloween

The bombshell posed for a series photos shared with her 53.200 followers. She embraced her hourglass figure and wore a bandage costume while posing.

As she placed her hands on her auburn locks, she looked star-like and gazed directly into the camera lens.

Honey’s second snap showed her jumping with joy while she struggled to contain herself as she smiled at her bright eyes and waved her arms through her fiery locks.

Honey flaunted her hourglass figure in all its glory
Honey showed off her hourglass figure with all its glory

Honey wrote the following caption to her post, which has been liked almost 4,000 times. “Leeloo got a fupa”.

Soon, her adoring fans descended on the comment section to gush about Honey with just one writing. “I am in love with you. Did I say that out loud?”

Another gushed “A beautiful baby!”

“Gorgeous Glorious Honey,”A third said the same.

Before the fourth exclaimed: “You are GLORIOUS!

She later revealed that her costume was inspired by the 1997 movie starring Bruce Willis and Chris Tucker.

The social media star recently hit out at Instagram who she claims had cropped a photo to look as though she had shared an image of her chest.

Honey looked sensational in her Halloween snaps
Honey looked sensational in her Halloween snaps

“Insta cropped this pic so it’s literally just my breasts? [sic],”The influencer wrote. “This was not intentional, please know this.”

Honey is an advocate for body confidence. She has spoken out about her struggles and successes with body dysmorphia, mental health, and body image.

Honey made the following statement in an effort to help other people who are going through the same thing: “I regret the time I wasted hating myself. I bought into the notion that my body was a work in progress, that all my problems would dissolve if I lost the couple of stone that kept my body from being socially acceptable.

“I want to make sure others don’t go through the same horrible journey I did.

“Recently my mother said sorry for the way they had handled it when I confided how I felt about my body — and how she wished they’d had the tools to offer an alternative.”

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