Horror Runs in the Family, according to Joe Hill (‘Locke & Key) Author. But how?


We are still trying to process Season 2 of Netflix’s immensely popular fantasy show. Locke & Key. The series’ first season began in February 2020. It features the Locke family. They recently moved cross-country to their Massachusetts ancestral home. Although their father was killed, the family moved to Keyhouse after discovering that they were the keeper of magical keys created by their ancestor.

The comic book of the same title, which was written by Joe HillGabriel Rodriguez illustrated the book. It is not surprising that Joe Hill would be attracted to the supernatural. His father is also a believer in ghosts and demons as well as the occasional scary dancing clown. Joe Hill is the son Stephen King’s horror author. But you only need to look at him to see it. What else has Joe Hill accomplished?

Who was Joe Hill on ‘Locke & Key’?

Joe Hill follows in the footsteps his father and appears briefly on Season 1 Locke & KeyGabriel Rodriguez, his collaborator. Gabriel and Joe were drawn as paramedics in the comic book’s first chapter. The timelines were slightly shifted, but showrunners were still allowed to include a scene loosely drawn from the panel featuring Joe.

Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez on 'Locke and Key'

Source: Netflix

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Interview with the Hollywood ReporterMeredith Averill, the co-showrunner, spoke out about their decision to include comic creators in the second season. “When we were breaking the finale, we were discussing how fun it would be to have a cameo for them, but only if it made sense.”She explained that Bode knew of a scene and had to call the paramedics. Joe and Gabriel arrived to help. “That was so much fun, having them on set. It was such a great moment.”

Joe Hill has done what else?

It’s insane to ignore the almost identical twin elephants in this room. Joe Hill is the exact image of Stephen King. We found out that Stephen King, a young man, time-traveled to 2021 in order to write under the penname. “Joe Hill,”We would believe it. It’s unfair to compare Joe to his father.

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Joe is an award-winning author who has published short stories as well as comic books and novels. Beyond Locke & KeyHis novel, NOS4A2The film was also adapt for the small screen in AMC’s series of the same name. To continue Joe’s fascination with the supernatural, NOS4A2This story is about a young girl who discovers that she can track Charlie Manx (Zachary Quinto), a seemingly immortal creature who feeds on the souls and blood of children.

Stephen King and Joe HIll

Source: Everest House Publishing | Getty Images

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Joe appears to be interested in characters with supernatural abilities to protect and avenge. HornsThe book, which he wrote, was made into the movie “The Greatest Showman”, starring Daniel Radcliffe. The main character, after being accused of the crime by his girlfriend, is now trying to find her killer.

You can watch Joe Hill’s episode from the first season Shudder’s for Halloween lovers. Creepshow Series, also known as titled “By the Silver Waters of Lake Champlain.” Fun fact about CreepshowThe movie: It was originally an Anthology by Stephen King, directed by George Romero. A cameo appearance by a young Joe HIll is also included. Like father, like child.

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