How A 5-Day Game of ‘Jeopardy’ Turns Out Champ Won His 1st Game Without Being Able to Read The Clues


Competing Jeopardy! It’s hard enough to do this, but imagine if you can’t see! Former champion Luigi de Guzman recently revealed that his new eyewear wasn’t just a fashion change. He was unable see the board during one of his games. 

Luigi De Guzman ‘Couldn’t Actually Read The Clue Board’ While Competing

De Guzman was a competitor Jeopardy! After a winning streak of five days, the contestant returned home earlier this month with $140,000 in winnings from seasons 38 and 39. However, the contestant had to play under some seriously hard conditions in his first game: He couldn’t read the board where the clues were put up. 

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“The ‘video clues on a side monitor’ aspect is something folks watching at home really need to bear in mind,” Reddit user de Guzman shared this post. “When you’re at home, the clue takes up your whole TV, whether written or video. But when you’re on stage, the clue is written on the clue board…and any video component is played back on a monitor off to the left of the main clue board.”

“It’s a lot to have to track with your eyes,”He continued. “Speaking of which, the glasses I’m wearing are new glasses. The ones from season 38 were retired because I found out that I couldn’t actually read the clue board with them.”

De Guzman: ‘I Played That Whole Game On Just The Sound Of Ken’s Voice’

Another post is available here De Guzman elaborated further on the situation: “I mentioned it before, but it wasn’t till the 7/29 show taped that I realized I needed new glasses. I couldn’t read the clue board at all. I played that whole game on just the sound of Ken’s voice.”

“There’s nowhere for a prompter to stand that’s in the contestants’ line of sight that wouldn’t also be visible to the camera that gives the wide shot of Ken,”He finished. Even die-hard fans of Jeopardy! couldn’t tell that de Guzman played without being able to read the board. 

He’ll Be Competing Again Soon

“Massive props for only going based off sound,”One person wrote. “I feel like I always need the visual when I play along at home.” Someone else joked, “Terrifying for my glasses-wearing, hopeful contestant self.” Fortunately, we’ll be able to see de Guzman—and his up-to-date eyewear—again when he competes in this year’s Tournament of Champions

De Guzman’s revelations about the size of the monitors where the clues are shown have thrown some Jeopardy! Fans were taken for a loop by his admission that he couldn’t see the board at all. This has made viewers even more impressed by his powerful start to his win streak. He’s got some tough competition ahead of him!

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