How a Frontier Flight Passenger with a Box Cutter-Armed Man Prevented Violence from Being Carried Out


Frontier Airlines flight passengers rose to action after a fellow passenger threatened to attack them with a box cutter.

Flight from Cincinnati to Tampa landed in Atlanta after the man threatened to stab passengers and crew with a box cutter.

“He was trying to stick a blade into a box knife,”Inside Edition was told by a woman who sat next the man on the flight. “He kept saying that he wanted to stab people, that he wanted to get up and hurt somebody.”

Navy veteran Larry Cumberbatch claims that he swapped seats with the woman to be able to sit next the armed man.

“When I approached him, I said ‘I will be sitting here from now on.’ He said, ‘No you’re not, there’s a lady sitting here.’ I said, ‘Not anymore,’”He tells Inside Edition.

Air Force Captain Ben Mutz was also ready to jump in.

“He was walking down the aisle, saying vulgarities under his breath,” Mutz tells Inside Edition. 

Cumberbatch claimed that others aboard the plane were “very frightened and concerned because of 9/11.”

Box cutters were used by terrorist hijackers to take control of the four commercial planes that crashed into the Twin Towers, Pentagon and a field. They also traveled to Washington D.C. in order to steal the aircraft cabins.

After the horror, many people on the flight and off are left wondering how someone with box cutters in his possession managed to get through TSA screening and onto a plane.

The TSA says the suspect’s backpack went through the x-ray machine and one box cutter was discovered.

“The visible blades were removed from the box cutter and provided back to the passenger,”TSA stated in a statement. “This is contrary to standard operating procedure. The backpack containing the other box cutter was screened but the box cutter was not discovered.”

TSA also issued a bulletin to all screeners urging them to be more vigilant after the incident.


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