How a woman with Gephyrophobia drove over some of the most terrifying bridges in America


Torri Forbes has acute gephyrophobia. This is an extreme fear of bridges which causes severe anxiety and panic attacks.

Forbes believes a collapsed bridge, such as the one that occurred last week in Pittsburgh (Pa.) is her worst nightmare. 

Forbes crossed the Delaware Memorial Bridge with Inside Edition. This suspension bridge has a dual span and four lanes. 

“I’m scared to death about what I’m about to do,”She spoke. 

The Delaware River Bridge is 2 miles long and stands at 174 feet. Notorious for its high winds, the bridge can be truly terrifying for any motorist to drive across, but that’s especially true for someone like Forbes. 

Forbes can get a helper to cross the Delaware River from the Bay Authority Police Department. 

“We have a marked car that’s in front and then we have a vehicle behind and then we essentially allow them to drive, but we escort them across and make sure it is safe,”Inside Edition: Christopher Field, Lt. 

Inside Edition met Forbes at the bridge and it was clear that she was experiencing severe anxiety. She was close to panic attack. 

“Oh my God! I hate this so bad. This is horrible,”She cried. 

Forbes was able to breath again after crossing the bridge. Forbes found herself in Maryland at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge just one day later. 

“I don’t know if i can do this,”She spoke. 

The steel giant measures 4.3 miles long, and its highest point is 200 feet above the sea. It is feared for its low guard rails, narrow lanes and other features.  

“Oh my God, it’s huge!”She exclaimed upon seeing the bridge. 

Halfway through, she started hyperventilating and asked where she could pull off. She had to do it alone because there was no police officer available at the crossing. 

Finally, she said it from the other end. “I can’t believe I just drove over that bridge. It’s huge!”

Forbes is not yet able to conquer her fear but she has faced it and is now drawing the line. “I’m not going back across that bridge ever!”She spoke. 

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