How Bear Grylls got Prince George a live ant to eat


Bear Grylls doesn’t play games. He drinks his own urine, and wrestles with live animal for profit. In a strange twist of fate, he discovers the truth. Prince GeorgeThe royal family is a huge Grylls fan, and the young prince revealed how committed he was Bears Grylls lifestyle choices during a recent meet-up. He ate an ant live to show Grylls how determined he was.

Grilling Grylls

So Bear Grylls was recently at Prince William’s King Cup Event to show support for the royal family. Grylls was approached by the Duchess of Cambridge’s mother, who had let Grylls know that Prince George was a superfan and asked if Grylls would come say hello to him.

Grylls was not one to ignore the royal family and agreed to take a moment to meet the young prince. Things turned out to be a disaster. “bug-eating”Although it happens quickly, it is not always the last resort.

Prince George of Jungle

Grylls was immediately inspired by Prince George’s meeting and went primal almost instantly after seeing a stream ant on the ground. “We need to eat”Grylls spoke to the prince, whose eyes instantly lit up. “REALLY?”The Prince asked. Grylls said yes. George ate the ant quickly and as if it were second nature for a young prince.

Grylls told him that the ant tasted great ‘zingy’That leaves you to wonder what else? ‘zingy’ tastes like. Grylls went on Good Morning Britain And The story was toldHis face was bright and happy. Of course, that wasn’t the end of the odd tale by any means.


Twitter took notice of Grylls’ appearance on the talk show and began to criticize him for his abuse of insects. Within an hour of the interview, Grylls’ Twitter feed was slammed with hate and rage and buckets of sympathy for the ant, with some people going so far as to call him a “douchebag’” which is to say, call him Twitter’s favorite insult.

He was also called “evil”And told to “bog off,”Which we assume is a politer British version. “F-off.”There are many benefits to eating insects, but it is possible to believe.

Ant Eaters Unite

Many people in science believe insects will be a good way to end hunger around the world. The tiny buggers also provide some protein, which is what many scientists believe. There are many countries in the world that eat insects, and though it isn’t common here yet, that doesn’t mean it won’t be someday.

This is not a criticism.

Grylling Ants

This seemed like an odd power play at the end of day. Bear Grylls seized his chance to command a member of the royal family and it worked. He convinced the future King of England to eat an insect upon request.