How bitter was the feud between Thor Bjornsson and Eddie Hall?


Two rivals from the World’s Strongest Man competition are set to settle their long-running feud in the ring this weekend.

Six months after the fight was originally scheduled, the bitter rivalry of Eddie Hall and Hafthor Jornsson is set to heat up in Dubai. Due to Hafthor Bjornsson’s biceps injury, the bout was postponed.

Hall, better known as The Beast has had little experience in boxing compared to his Icelandic counterpart. Bjornsson was a TV star who starred as Gregor Clegane in Game of Thrones. He has fought three fights in preparation for the bout, including two against professional boxers, Steven Ward and Simon Vallily.

Devon Larratt was Devon’s professional arm wrestler. This was the third bout. Despite not having any professional fighting experience, the men will both wear 12oz gloves with no headguards.

Their rivalry began in the World’s Strongest Man Championships in Botswana back in 2017, when Thor claimed Hall won on unfair grounds, citing poor officiating and disallowed repetitions. The battle between the two at the event saw the Englishman secure the first win of his career in the series, despite being particularly decorated with Britain’s Strongest Man titles.

As Hall won, the fever reached fever pitch as Bjornsson did not wish to congratulate him. Hall claimed that his victory was celebrated by all his competitors and officials, apart from his next opponent.

Hafthor Bjornsson and Eddie Hall spat at each other in a disgusting face-to-face weigh-in ahead of their bout
Eddie Hall and Hafthor Jornsson fought in front of their bout in an ugly face-to-face weighin

Hall expressed his dismay at Bjornsson’s handling of the situation, and even labeled him ‘deluded’. After his 2017 win, the Englishman quit Strongest Man competitions. He has now apparently taken up gloves and fought to settle disputes.

The enormous clash was first announced two years ago after Bjornsson upset Hall by breaking the Englishman’s world record 500kg deadlift by a single kilo. Bjornsson said that he doesn’t think the two men will reconcile after their verbal sparring.

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Eddie Hall was left frustrated after tearing his bicep six months ago, causing the fight to be rescheduled
Eddie Hall was frustrated after tearing the bicep six years ago. The fight had to be rescheduled.

SunSport interviewed him “[Future friends?] Not friends but we both move on, I really hope so, at least on my end. After the fight I want to move on and focus on other things.

“I don’t see us as friends in the future, but definitely both of us move on and be happy in whatever we do.”

Bjornsson could still box if there are other opportunities after his fight with Hall.