How Cinderella Helped Camila Cabello Overcome Her Mental Health


In May 2020, during Mental Health Month, the “Havana” singer shared insight into her private battle with anxiety and OCD for WSJ. Magazine.

“Here’s what there aren’t pictures of from the last year: me crying in the car talking to my mom about how much anxiety and how many symptoms of OCD [obsessive-compulsive disorder] I was experiencing,” the Grammy-nominated star wrote. “My mom and me in a hotel room reading books about OCD because I was desperate for relief. Me experiencing what felt like constant, unwavering, relentless anxiety that made day-to-day life painfully hard.”

The “My Oh My” singer said she sought professional help and began cognitive behavioral therapy, meditation and breathwork.

“It also took a lot of self-love (believing I am inherently worthy of happiness, belonging, love and joy, no matter what), self-compassion (not emotionally beating myself up for struggling) and self-awareness (calling myself out on my s–t),” she explained, adding, “For a long time, anxiety felt like it was robbing me of my humor, my joy, my creativity and my trust. But now anxiety and I are good friends.”

She added, “I listen to her, because I know she’s just trying to keep me safe, but I don’t give her too much attention. And I sure as hell don’t let her make any decisions.”

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