How Did Avicii Pass Away? Mike Posner Speaks More On Avicii Unreleased Music and The Singers Legacy.


Mike Posner, a Swedish DJ, known as Tim Berling, took a pill in Ibiza in 2016 to impress Tim Berling. Avicii, who died two years later than Mike, lost his father one year earlier. Their deaths inspired Mike’s 2800-mile walk across America, where he was bitten by a rattlesnake and almost lost his own life. Mike soon after that, climbed Mt. Everest.

“I Took a Pill in Ibiza “Avicii, the producer of Avicii, committed suicide in 2018.

Mike was five years older when Avicii committed suicide at 28. Everest. Avicii struggled with addiction and mental illness throughout his career. He retired from performing in 2016 but worked on many unreleased projects before his death.

Mike spoke out about his time working with Avicii. He spent most of it in the studio. Mike said that, despite the volatility of the music industry, his professional relationship was solid.


“When you’re an artist and if you’re blessed enough to do it for more than a few years — which I have been — there’s a lot of ups and downs. I’ve had my songs be No. 1 in the world, and I’ve had people think my career was over,” He said. Get distracted. “He was somebody that steadfastly just believed in me as a writer. And he wanted to work with me in the studio creatively, no matter what was going on with my career. So that always touched me.”

The “Cooler Than Me” singer said that his professional relationship granted him a first-hand glimpse into Avicii’s creative process. But will Mike Posner and Avicii’s unreleased music ever be available for streaming?

Mike Posner

Mike Posner believes “conflicted” Avicii will be releasing new music.

While many fans are waiting to hear the songs that Avicii didn’t get to share with the world before his death, Mike said that he feels “conflicted” about dropping their unreleased project without the producer’s permission.

“On one hand, some of the ideas we had started are awesome. And then at the same time, he didn’t finish,” Mike added, “Avicii, he was a perfectionist. Like, he had to get every detail right. So I feel a little weird saying, ‘here’s this Avicii song.’ But it’s not. It’s an Avicii idea that he never finished.”

Mike Posner


Mike is wary about releasing his collab album with Avicii, but he recently teamed with Clif to drop his new single “Amor Fati” Clif “Remix in Motion” platform. Mike believes that creativity and mental health go hand-in-hand. Clif’s partnership is the perfect match. He shared. “I think it’s a package deal, and I think it just makes the creative process easier.”

“The idea is, it gets other people moving, and whatever we can do to make our brothers and sisters healthier, I’m all in for it,” Mike spoke highly of the campaign.

You can listen to Mike’s new song “Amor Fati” Exclusively on

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