How Flamenco Day in Spain is Celebrated by Dancers


Spain’s dancers recently celebrated International Flamenco Day.

The art form, created in the country, was celebrated in the Prado Museum and flamenco clubs like the “Corral de la Moreira”Madrid

Flamenco originated in the Andalusia region in Spain. It was rooted in the complex multicultural and ethnic society of southern Spain that existed between the 16th- and 17th centuries.

Juanma Del Rey (president of National Association of Flamenco Tablaos) says flamenco is a form of art that characterizes the country.

International Flamenco Day, which was first established in November 2010, commemorates the date UNESCO listed the art form as part of its cultural heritage.

Like many cultural events, flamenco performances and artists were severely hit by the COVID pandemic. Some bars and clubs were forced to close their doors permanently due to the closure. The remaining bars or clubs are now open for public performances.

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