How G Flip is Rewriting the Script to Be a LGBTQ+ Role model


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When G Flip performs, they aren’t just taking the stage but taking the reins on being something—or better yet, someone—that was missing from their personal journey.

G Flip is a Melbourne-based music artist. He has opened a new chapter in his career, which includes U.S. shows as well as newly-released music. The one constant has been the same throughout all these new milestones: Their goal is to “fill the gap”When it comes to being an LGBTQ+ role model.

“Growing up, I didn’t have many queer figures in my life,”G Flip exclusive shared with E! News. “I went to a Catholic primary school and high school—an all-girls high school—and being queer was never talked about. It was never around me and it wasn’t really in the media that I was consuming either.”

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