How Greenland’s Glacial Rock Flour, Caused by Climate Change, Could Help Fight the Phenomenon


Climate change has produced crumbly rock (also known as glacial rocks flour). The Greenland receding glaciers are responsible for the silt that is left behind.

Human-caused climate change is causing glaciers to shrink from warmer temperatures.

Every year, millions of tons of glacial rock flour is created. The rock flour is actually good for the environment.

Because its particles are small enough not to cause choking, it is nutrient-rich.

Scientists also believe that rock flour can be locked in carbon dioxide by absorbing rainwater when it dissolves in it.

The main greenhouse gas responsible for climate change is CO2.

Denmark’s rock flour was able to increase barley crop yields 30%. That is remarkable considering that barley is used in beer production.

“It’s a more, you can say, more clean product compared to a very processed inorganic phosphor fertilization strategy,”Pai Rosager Perdas, a Carlsberg senior scientist, stated.

“Where this could be more directly from nature, sort of say, where you need less processing and thereby less impact on the nature.”

It sounds like a win for a planet that could really use some victories.

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