How Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck celebrated holidays together


They are here now! 

Four months later, they were married in Georgia. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck rang in their first holiday season as a married couple. That meant movie nights, stockings, hot cocoaAnd a Christmas party, as Jennifer revealed in photos from her On The J.Lo newsletter.

While “sending a little holiday cheer” to her fans, J.Lo shared details of their first Christmas together as a “blended family,”This includes her twins, 14 years old, EmmeAnd Max(Who she shares her life with) Marc AnthonyBen’s children, as well as ). Violet, 17, Seraphina13 and Samuel, 10, (whom he shares with Jennifer Garner).

“I’ve been hunkering down at home (and loving it) since I wrapped my last movie, just getting ready for the holidays!” J.Lo said, before sharing her theme for this year’s Christmas, inspired by the song “Hummingbird” she wrote for her new album This Is Me…Now.

“To me, hummingbirds are messengers of love,”She explained. “They’re also the fastest bird but they always have time to stop, eat something sweet and smell the roses. I identify with them, but more than anything, whenever I see one, I feel like it’s a sign from God that everything is going to be OK.” 

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