How Jennifer Lopez Is Supporting “Amazing” Ben Affleck’s Latest Movie


Love me tender!

She is once again proving her worthiness Ben AffleckThe biggest fan of ‘Sammy’. Jennifer LopezHer boyfriend’s most recent film project was promoted to her Instagram StoriesFriday, January 7.

Unpacking a media package for Amazon Prime Video The Tender BarHear the superstar, aged 52, calling the gift “adorable”And “awesome”As she peruses its contents.

“This is awesome, thank you Tender Bar,” Jennifer gushed. 

The stylish box contained a note to J.Lo (the book that inspired the movie), cans Blue Point Toasted Lager beer, which are seen in the film, and other items. The “Let’s Get Loud”A mini-bowling lane was a favorite of the singer.

“There is a great scene with Ben and the little boy in a bowling alley,”Jennifer explained her reasoning as she held the replica. “Ben plays his uncle and they are both amazing in the movie.”

The Tender BarDirection by George ClooneyThe film tells the story about a fatherless boy who bonds to his uncle, a bartender, and the patrons at the pub. The 2005 memoir with the same title is the basis of the film. J. R. Moehringer.

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