How Karol G Is “Trying to Empower” Fans With Her Signature Style


“It is the only moment that I have to connect with all of my people in a more intimate form,” she explained. “It’s incredible to see how they love you and support everything that I do and how they all connect with me, not just for the music but with me as a person. It warms your heart in an amazing way.”

In the first few weeks alone, Karol G has fallen in love with men and women rocking her signature blue hairstyle. And before audience members stress about what to wear while attending her shows, Karol G advises attendees to rock a look that shows who they are.

“I am a very mood person. I don’t have a fashion statement that represents me,” she said. “I just wear the way I feel and for the tour, I wanted my outfits to be a window of some of my personalities when I’m performing. Sometimes I like to be very sexy and sassy. Sometimes I am just a tomboy with oversized clothes, but I also have a rock ‘n’ roll side in me.”