How Kate Middleton could legally attain the power of The Monarch


The British monarchy’s line of succession has been a hot topic of conversation over the last few months. With Queen ElizabethCombating COVID and other ongoing mobility issues. Prince Charles’ own COVID infection, some have given thought to who will get the throne if both the queen, Charles, and Prince William pass away. Could Kate Middleton ever become queen?

How Middleton Could Retake The Throne

The current line of succession is Prince Charles, Prince William, then Prince George, the Duke, and Duchess of Cambridge’s oldest child. Middleton could be crowned if Charles or William were to pass away before George turns 18. 

According to a report by GB NewsIf she was a regent until George became king, then the Duchess could have all legal rights of the monarchy. All this is possible because of the 1937 Regency Act. 

According to the Act, if a monarch is unable to rule, whether it’s for health reasons or because they are not yet of age, their legal guardian would step in and rule in their stead. In George’s case, he would not ascend to the throne until he was 18 years old. 

The Royal Biographer Calls Midton ‘An Extremely Good Influence’

While it’s good to know how exactly the line of succession would play out in this scenario, it’s extremely unlikely that Middleton will ever have to take up the legal powers of the throne. But, it seems that she would be welcomed by the British people if she did. 

William and she were called “the future of the monarchy,”They are often praised for their charity work, their approach to interacting directly with their subjects, as well as their dedication to their children: Prince Louis, Princess Charlotte, George. 

Howard Hodgson is a royal biographer and shared his thoughts on Howard Hodgson’s wedding.William was, according to the statement. “lucky to marry” Middleton, who has proven to be an “extremely good influence on the prince. 

He explained, “Certainly William is very dutiful, and I think supported by Kate. They ensure that they keep a good appearance, they do put the public, the country and the monarchy first. I think he was very lucky to marry her. I think she’s an extremely good influence and is well-liked by the people, and so she should be.” 

While Middleton will most likely only get the chance to rule when her husband ascends to the throne, it seems like most of the British people wouldn’t mind having her rule for a while until George could take the throne. 

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