How Kate Middleton Keeps Fit at 40


Many people want to Kate MiddletonYou can find everything you need, from fashion inspiration to parenting advice. But what about her famedly healthy lifestyle? To keep in shape, the Duchess follows a healthy diet and exercises regularly. 

Middleton’s Strict Workout Routine

The 40 year-old royal is known for being very sporty. She is frequently photographed participating in different athletic events as part her role as a queen. Middleton’s activities include sailing regattas, playing doubles of tennis, playing soccer, and participating in races with schoolchildren. 

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The duchess of Cambridge is said to be very active in sports and keeps a strict workout schedule, with an hour per day at Kensington Palace. Sources claim that her cardio routine includes treadmill and cycling workouts as well as strength-training exercises, such as weight-lifting. 

Middleton incorporates yoga into her workouts to keep her balanced. Middleton invited a yoga instructor for her 2011 wedding. She also prepared for Prince George’s birth in 2013 by doing some prenatal yoga. Do this regularly during your workoutsThis has allowed the duchess to maintain her energy levels and endurance while keeping up with her three young children. 

The Duchess’s Vitamin-Rich Diet

The duchess makes an effort to eat well, and ensures that her diet includes foods high in complex carbohydrates, protein, antioxidants, as well as protein. According to Woman and home, Middleton starts her day with a bowl of oatmeal, a dish that’s packed with iron and B vitamins that help her stay energized throughout the day. 

“Kate’s affinity for oatmeal and berries for breakfast is an excellent choice for an active lifestyle, as the meal will give her bursts of energy throughout the day to meet all her commitments, including her regular exercise routines, rather than reaching for something sugary which can lead to an energy crash,” BarBend shares a spokesperson.

Middleton prefers vegetable or plant-based meals for lunch. Dinner is reportedly her heaviest meal of the day and usually consists of a lean meat, whether that’s roast chicken, or one of favorite dishes, sushi. 

Fitness Expert Praises Middleton’s ‘Optimum Level Of Nutrition’

“No matter what she is eating—sushi, salads, or indulging in pizza with her children—Kate’s affinity for organic foods, which she consumed during her childhood, will give her an optimum level of nutrition,”BarBend spokespersons continued. 

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Middleton’s commitment to regular exercise and her inclusion of protein-rich, organic foods into her diet has kept the duchess healthy and energized for her work as a member of the royal family, as well as a mother! 

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