How Many Episodes Are There in HBO Max’s Crime Series “Tokyo Vice”?


Do you want to dive into the dark world of a high stakes crime series? Do you enjoy the traditional primetime police procedural series, but not crime? Fox’s 9-1-1This isn’t for everyone. Some people desire a little more Grit. This might sound familiar to you. HBO Max’s latest crime thriller series may be right for you. Tokyo Vice You will be amazed at the beauty of their work. J.T., a Tony-winning playwright, is also its creator and writer. Rogers is its creator and writer. Miami Vice Michael Mann is the director and executive producer.

Based on Jake Adelstein’s memoir from 2009. Tokyo Vice: An American Reporter about the Police Beat in JapanAnsel Elgort plays Jake in the series. He becomes the first Japanese reporter of color to work at a respected Japanese newspaper in Tokyo in late 1990s. Soon, the young American journalist finds his way into Tokyo’s underbelly to investigate the Yakuza and join the Tokyo Vice police team.