How many episodes of Netflix’s Hellbound are there?


Squid Game has been Netflix’s most popular series since its September debut. But, now fantasy horror show Hellbound is the king.

The streaming ratings for the dark series have topped 80 countries in less than 24 hours after its November 19th debut.

Yeon Sang Ho directs Hellbound.

The synopsis of the series’ violent and mysterious episodes reads: “Bound to a metaphysical approach, it exposes the duality of not allowing your light to come forth and only slowing your dark to expose itself.”

Hellbound’s pilot was shown at the 2021 Toronto International Film Festival in September.

Still from Hellbound on Netflix
Netflix’s Hellbound is a Netflix original that depicts an alternate reality in the which we are ruled and dragged to hell by a group of demons.

What is Hellbound?

Hellbound centers around people who are visited from the celestial realm.

The creature gives the victims the date and time of their deaths.

When that day eventually comes, three demons appear to take the person’s soul and drag them to hell.

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The show depicts a dystopian future where a mysterious entity with a team demons proclaim death to sinners and warn them of eternal suffering.

This creates a society that is governed by fear and a religious cult called The New Truth. They manipulate society through propaganda to advance their agenda for creating a more righteous society.

How many episodes is Hellbound?

Six episodes are included in the series. The first three episodes follow Jin Kyeong-hoon, a detective who investigates supernatural happenings.

The rest of the series is about Bae Young-jae (Park Jeong-Min), who finds himself confronted with the reality that his newborn child is headed for hell.

Still from Hellbound
Six episodes of the violent series are available. There are multiple protagonists.

The show features several main characters with different storylines and could return for a second season.

Will Hellbound get a second season?

Netflix has not yet announced if Hellbound will return for a second season.

Given that Squid Game has just been renewed for another season and the popularity of Korean shows streaming on the streaming platform, Hellbound is likely to return for another season.

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