How Melissa McBride welcomed Terry Crews to Walking Dead


Who knew that zombies could live with their prey in such harmony?!

E! joins us for an exclusive chat E! Tales of the Walking Dead star Terry Crews said he received an out-of-the-blue welcome to the franchise from one of its most belovedStars.

“I got a DM on Instagram from Melissa McBride,”Terry shared. “She said, ‘Welcome to our world.’ As a fan, to be a part of this universe now and to get that introduction from her, I was like, ‘Oh my god.'”

McBride performs Carol, a fan favorite The Walking DeadOn October 2, the final episodes of, begin to be released. 

Crews’ co-star Samantha Morton echoed his sentiments, saying, “It really is a family.” 

She would be a great judge!

On Tales of the Walking DeadMorton reprises her role from the original as Alpha. Walking Dead series—but there’s a twist. Seeing as Alpha—spoiler alert!—died in season 10, Morton’s episode is of the prequel variety, as she explained, “I play someone called Dee, who becomes Alpha.”

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