How Queen Elizabeth’s ‘Alarming Health Issues’ Are Affecting her Royal Duties


Queen ElizabethShe is not in good health. She had to miss several events at the Platinum Jubilee. Sources believe she’s slowed considerably since Prince Philip died. Let’s get an idea of how her royal duties are changing as a result of her health.

Queen Elizabeth’s Rewritten Job Description

For the first time in at least a decade, Queen Elizabeth’s official list of royal duties has been rewritten. According to the monarchy’s annual reportHer duties have been reduced. She’s no longer required to attend the opening of Parliament. For the first time since 1963, when her baby was due with Prince Edward, she missed this year’s opening. She is clearly in poor health and this reduction in her duties is a sign of it.

These new rules are much looser. The old list was clear in stating Queen Elizabeth’s duties. “must fulfill,”The opening of Parliament, the appointing of the Prime Minister, the payment and receipt state visits, to name just a few. These new rules are much more rigid. It says that her role is now more important. “encompasses a range of parliamentary and diplomatic duties.”

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There’s no mention of Queen Elizabeth paying state visits anymore, only that she must receive them from other heads of state. Prince Charles now has the responsibility for making state visits. He also picked up the pieces at the opening ceremony of Parliament and so, the transition from Queen Elizabeth to Charles officially began.

What was her final visit?

While the rules are officially changing, it doesn’t look like Elizabeth has left England for an official visit in some time. She visited Germany and Malta in 2015, but it doesn’t look like she’s paid an official state visit since then. Elizabeth turned 90 in 2016, so it’s probably not a coincidence that she stopped traveling the world the same year she became a nonagenarian.

How is Elizabeth holding up?

Everything’s very hush-hush within palace walls surrounding the queen’s health. Rumours abound that Queen Elizabeth may need a wheelchair. Rumours of Queen Elizabeth secretly dying went viral this year. That story was obviously false, as are the numerous tabloid articles predicting the queen’s demise.

Whenever the day does come, Queen Elizabeth’s passing will inevitably be the biggest news story of the year—but buried in these new rules is something close to hope. Why would the palace bother amending Her Majesty’s job if she were going to die soon? This way she can focus on her health and the only duties she really wants to do as she gets to see her son take up the work he’s prepared his whole life for. Queen Elizabeth may be on the back nine, but she’s still chugging along.

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