How Remi Bader Became the Queen of Realistic Clothing Hauls—And TikTok



RB: She actually just messaged on TikTok personally, so it’s pretty crazy. It’s not a common occurrence for me to be contacted by people, but I also have moments where it seems like it’s normal. But, at the same moment, there are those moments when I look at them and realize that they might never acknowledge or even know who I am. Meghan TrainorI am a huge fan of hers, which is amazing to hear. Meghan is also involved in the body positivity movement. Another one that has been very exciting is Meghan.


RB: I definitely feel like I owe everyone something in a way and I really feel like my job now is to be there for everyone. That’s why I believe people love videos. They feel like they can trust me to be authentic. Of course, there will be times that I don’t feel the best: I’m tired. I just need to let myself relax.

Everyone asks me “What is it?” “How are you so confident?”I like to admit that I am not as confident as I think. In the last few decades, I’ve lost a lot my confidence. It is a difficult process to get that confidence back but I am in the same boat as everyone else.