How Scotland Nightclubs Benefit from Body Heat


It is becoming more popular to use spectators to produce eco-friendly energy. Coldplay introduced kinetic dance floors for fans and stationary bikes earlier this year. Now, a nightclub in Scotland harnesses an unusual form of natural energy by using the body heat of dancers to power their venue.

“What’s great about body heart is our audience participates in the system,”CBS News interview with Andrew Fleming Brown

The club’s heating system is powered by body heat generated from the dancing floor.

This means that the more dancers do, the more energy they produce and the greater the power of the club.

“Where does that heat go? Thankfully, we’re able to capture it through this system,” Fleming-Brown said.

The body heat system captures the warmth of dancers and pipes it underground, where the energy is stored in rocks. These stones act as a thermal battery.

“Then when we need the heating for something else, a different time of day or a different part of the venue, we can transfer the heat from the rocks back into the venue,” David Walls of Town Rock Energy told CBS News.

The eco-friendly system was so successful that club owners have decided to get rid of their gas boilers. They hope to eventually lower carbon emissions by up to 70%.


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