How Tamera MowryHausley was beaten to make her marriage stronger than ever


Nothing could have been more prepared Tamera Mowry – Housley for quite how RealShe would continue her seven-year tenure on the talk show. 

“It was very terrifying,”In an exclusive interview with E!, she revealed all. News. Outside of question-and-answer-style speaking engagements at schools and churches, the actress had spent the whole of her three-decade career saying Others‘ words. So, claim a place on The RealIn 2013, “talking on personal issues and issues that people are going through,”She said: “talking about suicide, talking about relationships—that was very daunting for me.”

And while she eventually found the upside in giving her take on hot-button topics—”I realized that it actually can be very powerful. But most importantly, inspiring and encouraging”—it was tougher to accept the spotlight it put on her personal life, namely her 11-year marriage with journalist Adam Housley

“You become headlines, what I like to call clickbait,”She shared. Among the most shocking accusations was that her husband (a former Fox News correspondent) was racist. 

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