How Tarek El Moussa Found His Forever in Fiancée Heather Rae Young


“Heather and I have always been on the same page about the wedding since day one,”El Moussa commented on Instagram “we want it to be a really fun celebration, but we also want it to be special and a celebration about us spending the rest of our lives with each other and as a family. There’s nothing more important than her and our family and we can’t wait for the day to reflect and celebrate that.” 

As El Moussa recalled, the charming model-slash-high-end-realtor walked right onto his 50-foot luxury yacht and into his life just as he’d begun to worry he’d never find the right buyer for his heart. “I hit rock bottom,”E! News last year. “I found myself in some lonely, dark places.”

In mid-2019, not quite four years removed from his stunning split with former wife and continued Flip or FlopCostar Christina HaackAfter a few dalliances, which seemed promising at the time but ultimately did not lead to his forever home, he was still single. 

“On July 3rd, I was a broken, lost, sad man,”During his stunning July 2020 proposal, he elaborated. “July 4th, you stepped onto my boat, I saw you, my heart stopped and I fell in love with you right away.”

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