How the Gay Rumors About Channing Tatum Started


Channing Tatum is a dancer and actor who’s known for leading roles in films like Get upAnd Magic Mike. He’s also known for being very buff and very good at stripping. With famous muscles and dance skills like he has, it’s no wonder that many people wish they were dating Channing Tatum. But who is this star? Actually You are interested in? Is Channing Tatum gay, or is this just some folks’ fantasy?

His dancing skills are a source of inspiration for fantasies

Channing Tatum is the most common male stripper in your mind. His reputation is such that he ranks high on many celebrity crush lists. If you’re a guy with a crush on Tatum, you probably hope there’s a little truth to those gay rumors. 

Anyone who harbored that fantasy was sure to be thrilled to see. Tatum dancing at L.A. Pride in 2015. His appearance on the Magic Mike XXLThe float featured a theme and attracted speculation. The Magic Mike The franchise appealed to gay men since its inception. According to one fan, New York TimesIn the 2012 article ‘Magic Mike’ Is Big Draw for Gay Men,’ “Let’s be honest: it’s men taking their clothes off.”That DoesIt sums it all pretty well. 

This was the target audience for the franchise’s creators. Craig Karpel, the director of marketing for the films, said that he was the one who made this clear. “Hot guys are a big part of the appeal of the movie… It’s something that captures gay men’s attention and imaginations.”Naturally, the lead in a movie franchise such as this would provoke a flood of questions, rumors and sometimes wishful thinking. 

He became known as the Ultimate “Stromo”

But, what about when? Magic Mike was in its prime, Tatum wasn’t giving many hints that he was Actually gay. Tatum was awarded a new title. “stromo.”In a Article for 2015 Hollywood ReporterMerle Ginsburg invented the term and Tatum was its poster child. “Stromo,” a highly questionable portmanteau for “straight homo,”A straight man trying appeal to a homosexual audience. This was a kind of manPublicity for celebrities was something that celebrities seem to enjoy at the moment. Ginsburg says that “Straight male stars aren’t stressed out at being perceived as gay or extremely gay-friendly… Far from feeling stigmatized, they welcome the gay gaze, staring invitingly and modeling shirtless on the covers of such gay magazines like Out and The Advocate, or both.”As well, Magic MikeTatum became the prototypical homosexual male performer, as he was open to the desires of their gay, male audience. “stromo.”

Rumors about his Divorce were Born

Tatum was married with a woman, and that was what detracted from gay rumors. Tatum was married to his ex-wife. Get up costar, Jenna Dewan. They were often a frequent ‘shipped’Couple with many, many admirers. Their relationship was often referred to on the internet as “couple goals” During their almost nine-year marriage. However, The pair was announced that they’d “lovingly chosen to separate”2018 saw the return of gay rumors. 

The news of the much-loved real-life was widely criticized by the internet Dirty Dancing husband and wife’s split. And, Dewan’s statements about their divorce sparked more questions than answers. In October 2019, Dewan’s Wellness book, “Gracefully You: How to Live Your Best Life Every Day”Reach shelves.

In it, Dewan Speak out about her breakup, saying, “I’d come to realize the dynamic I was in wasn’t serving me nor was it serving my daughter… First and foremost I had to accept the realization this isn’t working and had moved into hurting.”She added, “The public saw Channing and I in this idealized romanticized light… This made things difficult for me because I like being as honest and real as I can.” So, the public’s “relationship goals”-ridden perception of the couple wasn’t accurate. This made people wonder what wasn’t right between them. Of course, folks thought perhaps it was Tatum’s sexuality. Many wondered if he was more. “stromo”Gayer than we ever thought.

Is Channing Tatum Gay?

The short answer is that the short answer is still ‘no.’ It seems that Channing Tatum isn’t gay. In fact, he’s in another straight, very high-profile, “couple goals”-inspiring romance. Tatum has been openly dating it girl since 2021. The Batman’s Catwoman, Zoë Kravitz. 

The first rumors about the stars becoming close were circulated in January 2021. This was just shortly after news broke of Kravitz’s divorce from her husband, Karl Glusman. In March 2022, Kravitz and Glusman are stronger than ever.

Kravitz claimed the coveted spot on the shortlist of Channing Tatum’s past girlfriends after Tatum split from another star. He was on-again/off again from October 2018 through April 2020. love affairWith singer Jessie J.

Tatum is a crush-worthy man like him. Short listOf very long relationships. It’s pretty clear that Tatum is a one-woman guy (extra emphasis on the word “woman”). But, that won’t stop folks with major crushes on Channing Tatum from dreaming. For the rest of us, we’re rooting for Tatum and Kravitz’s love to keep going as strong as his biceps.