How the SATC Reboot Will Address Willie Garson’s Death


Our favorite gay best friend will live on. 

Sex and the City actor Willie Garson sadly died on Sept. 21, after a battle with cancer, in the midst of filming the reboot, And Just Like That. His sudden passing led many fans to wonder what his character’s fate would be. 

Now, And Just Like That showrunner and Sex and the City executive producer Michael Patrick King has revealed that Garson’s death was not written into the storyline of the upcoming reboot. Meaning: Carrie Bradshaw’s best friend and confidant, Stanford Blatch, is still alive.

On Dec. 3, in an interview with The New York Times, King answered our burning questions about the fate of characters Mr. Big, Samantha Jones and Stanford Blatch.

“Nobody’s dead,” King said. “Nobody.”

King provided a brief explanation as to why Garson’s death wasn’t written into the show.

“Because it wasn’t charming,” King shared. “And I knew that the audience would know.”