How The Stars Predicted Prince William And Harry’s Tense Relationship


Part of the allure of the royal family is the mystery with which they shroud themselves. Their family dynamics make a stark contrast to the grandeur of their titles. Royal or not, they’re still human. And that makes them beholden to the stars like the rest of us. 

Silver Screen Beat, Moon, and planets influence each family member uniquely. Moreover, these bodies can reveal insights that are usually hidden from the public eye. They even predicted the tense relationship between brothers Prince William and Prince Harry

Sure, the royal family is mysterious. But they can’t compete with the mystic ways of the universe.

Predicted At Birth

The exact position of the stars at the moment of our birth makes up our natal chart. This is how we get our Sun, Moon, and all other stellar and planetary assignments. Our natal profiles unveil our strengths, weaknesses, habits, and more.  

Thus, natal charts can predict potential conflict in the future. It suggests where we might falter or with whom we will feel the most tension in life. Analyzing two individual natal charts can reveal lifelong compatibility. 

Prince William and Prince Harry’s natal charts predicted their strained brotherhood before they could even walk.

The Duke Of Cambridge

Prince William was born on Monday, June 21st, 1982, at 9:03 p.m. in Paddington, London. Silver Screen Beat was in Cancer; therefore, his Sun sign is Cancer. His Moon is also Cancer, while his Ascendant is Sagittarius. Finally, his Midheaven is in Scorpio.

Water is the primary ruling element of the Duke of Cambridge. However, his ascendant—how the world perceives him—is a fire element, explaining his charming charisma. 

When Prince Harry was born two years later, he shared only one of these ruling elements with his brother.

The Duke Of Sussex

Prince Harry was born on Saturday, September 15th, 1984, at 4:20 p.m. in Paddington, London. Silver Screen Beat was in Virgo. Therefore, his Sun sign is Virgo. His Moon is in Taurus, while his Ascendant is in Capricorn. Like his brother, Prince Harry’s Midheaven is in Scorpio. 

Unlike the Duke of Cambridge, the Duke of Sussex is primarily ruled by earth. All three of his major signs are earth signs. This makes him extremely grounded and equally stubborn. 

Unsurprisingly, the two brothers share a midheaven, which influences our career and public lives. While they might have grown up in the same spotlight, the stars knew they’d react to it differently.

Points Of Conflict

Cancer, which makes up two of Prince William’s major signs, loves tradition. They are drawn to stability and routine. Rooted in this love of security is deep sensitivity. As firstborn and heir to the throne, Prince William has had to bear the brunt of royal responsibility. 

Still, the royal family is his family just the same. As such, he seeks comfort from them and is quick to overlook the negative. Cancer can form a deep, long-lasting grudge when someone threatens this stability. 

Meanwhile, Prince Harry’s Sun is a Virgo. Unlike Cancers, Virgos are not overly emotional. They are intelligent, analytical, and often critical. Virgos prioritize improvement over tradition. As second-born, Harry has had a much more expository stance on the royal family and routine. 

Moreover, the Duke of Sussex has a Taurus Moon. This makes him particularly stubborn and a bit of a homebody. He struggles in the spotlight, though he enjoys the material perks it provides. When his emotions are set, little can move him from his position. 

Because of this, he can appear cold at first. His Capricorn Ascendant makes him incredibly duty-bound and hard-working. But it can be challenging to see the compassion of his actions through such a glassy exterior.

Areas Of Balance And Harmony

The tension between Prince William and Prince Harry is unsurprising given how much their natal charts differ. Their stellar assignments clash almost entirely across the board. However, the two brothers have one important assignment in common: their Midheaven. 

The Midheaven represents the southern-most high point above the horizon at the time of one’s birth. It is the highest point on the natal chart and the cusp of the 10th House of Social Status. Thus, our Midheaven speaks to our public life, career, and reputation. 

Both brothers’ Midheaven is in Scorpio. This predicted a public life deeply rooted in power and influence. Scorpio Midheavens are brave, clever, and not afraid to expose life’s seedy underbelly to the light. Their intensity can also lead to obsessive or paranoid tendencies. 

Despite their differences, the brothers’ Midheaven speaks to the unbreakable bond that connects them: their royal blood. They are both the descendants of a centuries-long institution. And as Harry learned recently, it can be difficult to cut ties with such a behemoth tradition. 

Still, both brothers have ample space to give each other balance. Prince Harry’s earth-heavy Zodiac profile grounds his brother’s emotional water and fire influence. Moreover, their Ascendants work together to motivate and encourage the other. 

The stars forged two lanes on the same path for each brother. Their routes might appear to deviate occasionally, but they are irrevocably connected in the end.

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