How To Cut Cable And Still Watch Your Favorite Shows?


Cable is one of those things that we have a strong affinity for. We desperately wait for our favorite shows, schedule our lives around them, record them if we cannot watch them live, and even stay at home to binge-watch multiple episodes in a row. This is why the first reaction to a lot of people is a big NO when they think of cutting the cord!

This shows that some of us are still old school. We want to switch on our TV late at night and watch odd commercials to relive the good old days. If you are looking for the best of both worlds, we have the perfect recommendation for you. If you can trust us, head over to check out Spectrum, which is one of the major providers in the United States. By selecting one of its deals, which includes cable, high-speed internet, and phone services, you can save both time and money.

However let’s not forget the fact that cable is most certainly one of your greatest utility expenses, and it is one of the least required. Cutting the cable might save you thousands of dollars per year, money that could be put to greater use. It may be a difficult decision to make, but you will be pleased you did once you have made it and discovered alternative options.

Breaking up is difficult

If you are reading this, you probably already know you need to break up with your cable provider; you are just having trouble doing it because you are so attached to it. And if you know you have to break up, it’s typically because you already know there are other ways to spend that money like:

  • Getting out of debt
  • Instead of wasting hours in front of the television, save for your ideal home where you can spend more time with your family.
  • Saving money for your children’s higher education

I will not be able to watch my favorite shows!

It is likely that you will still be able to watch your shows. Many popular series are available on considerably less-priced streaming platforms. Furthermore, several cable channels make the most recent episode available on their websites. You can catch up on your favorite shows whenever and wherever you want, without having to sit in front of the television.

It is a lot of work!

In just a few steps, you can get rid of your cable bill and switch to a more affordable one. Believe us, it is not as hard as it sounds like.

How to get rid of the cable?

There are a few steps you must take to cut your cable.

Remain calm

To keep you as a customer, you will almost certainly be offered special promotions and rates. If you are tempted, remember why you are canceling in the first place and it’s not only to save money. It is because you have loftier goals. You want to retire in luxury and without worry. You wish to get rid of debt’s looming specter. 

You are looking for something a little more exciting than four months of free Showtime. If you are afraid of succumbing to the temptation, do not tell them you are canceling to save money. Instead, pretend you are relocating, perhaps out of the neighborhood or to a home where the owner already has a television subscription. Make sure there is no room for haggling.

Write down everything that happens during your conversation

If your cable company makes a mistake and fails to follow through, be sure to write everything down. Keep a record of the date and time of your conversation, as well as the agent’s name. For your records, get the agent’s phone number, as well as an email address. Keep a record of the cancellation confirmation number and any other information they provide you. It is preferable to have too much information than to have too little. 

Your cancellation should be confirmed in writing, by either letter or email, from the cable company. This confirmation will include instructions for returning any rental equipment as well as any other cancellation-related information.

Searching for your shows

Congratulations! Cutting cable is difficult, but you succeeded. Now you will have more money to spend on things that are more essential to you. You will be glad you took the measures necessary to free up that money when you watch your emergency fund or your child’s college funds rise. 

Now that you have cut the cord on cable, it is time to consider the alternative ways you can watch your favorite shows.

HDTV Antenna

HDTV antennas are inexpensive and provide access to all major networks, including ABC, NBC, PBS, and others. The cheaper models perform just as well as the more expensive models. In a couple of minutes, the antenna connects to your current HDTV. 

The only thing you will need is a coaxial cable to connect your TV to the antenna. To get the optimum reception, you may need to experiment with antenna positioning. The best results will be obtained if you can reach a window with the antenna.

Streaming services

If you want to watch shows or movies on premium channels that you cannot get with an HDTV antenna, a streaming subscription might be the way to go. Streaming services are growing in popularity, and some even have shows that are not available on network TV or cable. And there are a lot of them to pick from including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Sling TV, etc. 

That is only a sampling of the more prevalent ones. The majority of these services are inexpensive. It is a lot less expensive than cable. If you are already a Prime member, you will get access to Amazon Instant Video for free. High-speed internet is not required. If your existing internet service allows you to surf the internet without problems, it should be sufficient for streaming your episodes and movies.

Which service should I select?

Each available service has its own set of benefits. Netflix and Amazon have both made significant investments in original content, while Hulu has a large library of network television shows. Sling TV, for example, is aiming to stand out by focusing on live sports coverage. 

What determines which service you use is what you view. Streaming services also do not normally have contracts, so you can cancel at any moment and transfer to another service if you are unhappy. They also frequently offer free trials, which are a wonderful opportunity to see what is out there before committing.

Wrapping up

Congratulations if you have already completed these steps and successfully cut the cable! Cutting cable is one of the quickest and easiest methods to create some breathing room in your budget if you are continuously struggling to make ends meet and coming up short more often than you would like.

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