How to Drive Safely During Hazardous Winter Weather, According to a Driving Instructor


If you’re dreaming of spring already, forget it! Nasty winter weather is hitting 30 states, with an estimated 70 million people dealing with freezing rain and dangerous driving conditions.

Inside Edition spoke to AAA driving instructor Victor Morales about what you need to know before getting behind the wheel.

His first tip is to accelerate slowly.

“If you feel yourself slipping, you know you’re going too fast. If you feel yourself slide at all, back off on the gas pedal,” Morales said.

He also says to never slam your brakes, and that the biggest mistake people make when driving in a snowstorm is driving too fast.

“You have to slow down when the weather gets bad,” Morales said.

High school senior Sara Ras doesn’t have a lot of experience driving in these conditions. Morales showed her some of the basics, including what to do if she starts to skid.

Lastly, Morales says that when the weather is bad, try not to drive over 45 miles per hour.