How to Get Alexander Skarsgård’s Northman Viking Body



Magnus says that Alexander went through three phases of diets during his transformation. “The build-up phase [is] when you want to build as much muscle mass as possible and don’t care about the fat. That’s when you overeat calories a little bit,”He elaborated. “Then, you have a cutting cycle when you eat, you’re in a calorie deficit. That’s when you want to maintain all that muscle mass and lose some body fat.”

Alexander was also on the maintenance cycle while filming. “that’s when you really want to dial it in and make sure that you keep that low body fat and high muscle mass and the foods are more or less the same,”Magnus said.

Magnus pointed out that Alexander indulged once in a while, despite the fact that there were more restrictions on food during the previous two cycles.

“There’s also room there to enjoy life a little bit,”Magnus’s favorite foods include avocado and smoked salmon, said Magnus. “We took the weekends off and had a glass of wine and cooked dinner.”

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