How to Watch Every Clash of the Cover Bands Contestant in Live Action


Are you tired of dancing all night? 

All of our favorites, however, are now available. Clash of the Cover Bands Tribute artists are back on tour and ready for rock ‘n’ roll. Judges Ester Dean? Adam Lambert  Meghan Trainor Some of their picks have been made public, but who are they? Your Are you one of the top performers? 

From Lori Mitchell Gay‘s jaw-dropping take on Tina Turner To Rus AndersonThe best Elton JohnThey are rock ‘n’ roll stars in their own right. Get ready to dance and enjoy live performances by all the artists. Clash contestants below. This is all you need to know:

Unforgettable FireThe music of U2: Official website and show dates.

Fix youThe music of Coldplay: Official website and show dates.

Lori Mitchell GayThe music of Tina Turner: Official website and show dates.

Annika Weaver covering the music of CherOfficial website and show dates.

Adam Rutledge covering the music of Keith Urban: Official website and show dates.