Hugh Grant’s Wife Allegedly Jealous Of His Relationship With Ex Elizabeth Hurley, Anonymous Source Says


It is Hugh GrantFighting with his wife? One tabloid claims Grant and his wife, Anna Eberstein, have fallen on a hard time because of Grant’s womanizing ways. Here’s the latest gossip about the rom-com icon’s marriage.

‘Trouble In Paradise’Hugh Grant

This week Life & Style According to reports, Hugh Grant and Anna Eberstein are in a difficult time. According to the report, Eberstein isn’t comfortable with the fact that Grant is still close with his exes Elizabeth Hurley and Tinglan Hong. “Hugh’s personal life has always been complicated,”Insider tips “Him having all these different women in his life rubs Anna the wrong way.”

Evidently, Eberstein “doesn’t see eye-to-eye”Hong Kong “gets jealous when she finds out he’s been calling” Hurley. Sources say Grant’s past relationships are starting to become a real point of tension in his marriage, but he still maintains genuine friendships with his exes. According to reports, Grant is stuck in a bind. “Hugh’s caught in the middle. He’s getting it from all ends!”

Hugh Grant’s Marriage In A ‘Rough Patch’?

First, this story is completely unrelated to anything. Nothing has happened recently that would make us think there’s any tension between Hugh Grant and his wife. This rumor is somewhat baffling as the couple lives a very private life. But despite the sheer unlikelihood of this tale, let’s dive into why we’re doubting it. Grant and Hurley are still friends, despite their split years ago. This has not been a problem in the future. After their split, Hurley named Grant the godfather for her son, Damian.

Hurley herself made it clear, however, that Grant’s romance is off limits. “He’s very happily married,” Hurley spoke about Grant. “I spent some time with him and his wife a few weeks ago at a birthday party. He has five children. He’s a great daddy.” It really seems like Hurley and Grant are as good as family now, and there’s no reason to worry about them rekindling anything.

Grant and Hong have two children together. No matter what happens, there’s no way to untangle Hong from Grant’s life. We’re sure Eberstein respects Hong as a mother and isn’t upset that Grant still keeps in contact with her. Overall, this magazine showed a clear misunderstanding of Grant’s personal life. Overall, it really seems like Eberstein and Grant have a mature, loving relationship that isn’t going to be jeopardized by such trivial matters.

The Tabloid – Marital Strife: The Tabloid Gossip

This isn’t the first time Life & Style This story is about a celebrity married couple. The outlet reported last year that Mila Kunis was fighting Ashton Kutcher over parenting issues. Then, the magazine claimed Ryan Reynolds’ marriage to Blake Lively was in jeopardy of falling apart. And more recently, the publication alleged Tom Brady’s marriage to Gisele Bundchen was “at a breaking point.” Since all of these couples turned out to be doing just fine, we’ve learned not to trust everything Life & Style This is what celebrity couples have to say.