Hugh Hefner and Dr. Mark Saginor, His Physician, were in a relationship for four decades, Doctor’s Daughter says


Hugh Hefner was involved in a romance with Dr. Mark Saginor over nearly 40 years according to Saginor’s daughter. She told Inside Edition that she and her dad lived at Playboy Mansion while she was a little girl. 

“I am saying that Hefner and my father were soul mates,”Jennifer Saginor spoke to Inside Edition chief correspondent Jim Moret. “In my opinion, this was the love of Hefner’s life and the love of my father’s life.” 

Hefner lived the life of a playboy. Hefner, who was the embodiment of his brand, was surrounded by beautiful women. But Jennifer Saginor, who is featured in the new A&E documentary “Secrets of Playboy,”Her father said that Hefner was a frequent visitor to their home. 

“My father was seeing Hef on a regular basis and seeing Hef all the time,”She said. “It was just natural for him to have a room there, so my father could check on him on a regular basis.”  

She stated that she believed her father, Hefner, to be in a long-term marriage. “spiritual and emotional,”Saginor claimed that the men also had a physical relationship.

“The wives and girlfriends may come and go, but this relationship remained constant,”She said. 

Saginor was named after his father “Dr. Feelgood”She was accused of giving out prescription pills at Playboy Mansion. She claimed that she lived in the sprawling compound since she was a girl and continued to live there until she went to college. 

“To me, it was just this magical environment,”She spoke highly of the mansion. “Exotic animals and gumballs and M&Ms everywhere… Once I actually lived there, the butlers would make me lunch in the morning and the house limo would drop me at school.”

Saginor stated that there was a darker side to living at the mansion. She said that it was here that she was first exposed to drugs.

“I got my first joint in the game room at age 11,”She said. 

Saginor and Hefner had a long-standing relationship, Saginor’s daughter claimed. Hefner was also at her side when he passed away in 2017, at the age 91. 

“My father was the only person with him when he passed,”She said. 

Inside Edition reached Dr. Saginor who denied any accusations of being an agressive. “Dr. Feelgood” are ludicrous. He claimed that he has always been careful to follow the prescribed prescriptions.