Hulu’s Miniseries Pam & Tommy: How accurate is it?


Episode 2: Tommy and Pam meet in L.A. nightclub. Tommy calls Pam constantly, but Pam declines to spend time with him due her busy schedule. Tommy mentions to Pam that he has a busy schedule. Baywatch is sending her to Cancún for a long weekend to schmooze with the show’s syndicators, Tommy ends up flying down too (even though she tells him not to come because she’s working). But he finds her and whisks her away to a nightclub. The couple then get married on a Mexico beach.

With a few exceptions, the way they got married in the series is mostly accurate. Tommy and Pam did get married on a beach in Cancún on Feb. 19, 1995. The actress was wearing a white bikini which was also part of the safe’s contents.

It was several weeks after their first meeting at the nightclub that Tommy and Pam finally saw each other again. He did surprise her when she told him that he had to fly to Mexico to photograph the event. Tommy recalled that Rolling Stone, “I called every hotel on the strip, searching for her.”

He met Pam at the Ritz Carlton and they spent the weekend together. According to PeopleTommy, just saying “I want to marry you!”The real-life proposal seems to not have been as dramatic and public as the one portrayed on TV.