Human remains identified as Taylor Pomaski and Missing Girlfriend of ExNFL Player Kevin Ware Jr.


Houston authorities have identified Taylor Pomaski’s remains, who is the girlfriend and former NFL player Kevin Ware Jr. The 29-year-old woman vanished more than a year ago under suspicious circumstances, investigators said.

The identification came six months after human body parts were discovered in a ditch in northern Harris County, Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said. The Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences determined the remains belonged to Pomaski.

An official cause of death wasn’t announced.

“The investigation is still open and active and homicide investigators are diligent on bringing this case to a close,”Thomas Gilliland, Senior Deputy, made the statement on Saturday.

There was no further information. In connection with her disappearance, no one was arrested.

Authorities said that Pomaski was last seen leaving an event at her Harris County home with Ware on April 25, 2021. Witnesses claimed that the couple had an affair. “violent fight” before she disappeared.

In June, Ware was interviewed by authorities after her parents reported that she was missing. Coby DuBose (Ware’s attorney) told Inside Edition Digital that Ware was cooperating with investigators and had given permission for them to search his home.

Ware stated that he had nothing whatsoever to do about her disappearance.

Ware was arrested in Montgomery County on June 23rd for allegedly violating his bond release terms in another, unrelated matter. The former tight end for the San Francisco 49ers has been held without bail since then, on charges related to a traffic stop for speeding. According to Montgomery County police, Ware was driving at 115 mph and a search of Ware’s vehicle revealed that he had a loaded AK47 and a loaded 9mm pistol.

According to court records his trial on drug and weapons charges is expected to start in August. He has pleaded not guilt.

Eric Zuleger, a friend and longtime confidant of Pomaski, said that he believed Pomaski was at risk. He stated that she looked gaunt, with some swelling and bruises on her face, when he last saw Pomaski in April. He stated that Pomaski claimed Ware had struck her. “I told her not to go back there and she said she was going back,”He said. 

Zuleger stated that they kept in touch and she was open to making changes in her life. She seemed to have lost her mind in the days before her disappearance. “pretty frantic,”He said. 

Inside Edition Digital heard from Pomaski’s mom that she tried to persuade her daughter to return home in June.