Humanity’s unluckiest ever deaths – from severed cobra heads to fatal laughing fits


Sometimes, people die in very strange ways.

Yesterday we reported on the death of an unfortunate Brazilian man. He was being chased relentlessly by bees and dived into a lake in order to escape them. But he was then attacked by piranhas.

The Silver Screen Beat takes a look at the worst deaths, from cows falling through a roof to a man trip over his impressive beard.

BAD MOOS. Another Brazilian, Joao Mara de Souza, 45, was killed when a cow fell from the roof of his house and landed on him while he was lying in bed. The animal had climbed onto the roof via a steep hill in Caratinga.

Draco's last moments were under a pile of coats
Draco died under a pile covered in coats.

HAT’S NASTY: Ancient Greek politician Draco was making a speech when the crowd began throwing clothes and hats at him to show their affection, but he was smothered under their weight and died.

SPIRITUAL FINALE. In 1387 Charles II, Spain fell ill. His physician instructed him to wrap him from head to feet in brandy-soaked linen. Unfortunately, it caught on fire and he died at the age of 54.

BALLS UP: John Kendrick, an American sea captain, was killed while eating breakfast aboard his ship in 1794 when a British vessel fired cannons meant to salute him.

One man's unlucky demise came from a cow falling through his roof
Unlucky death of one man was caused by a cow falling through his roof

CHIN-CREDIBLE: Hans Steininger, Bavarian mayor, was proud of his beard that measured 4ft 6ins. He fell over it, breaking his neck and then died in 1567.

COURT DISASTER. In 1871, Clement Vallandigham was defending a man accused of murder and shot himself. He was using a gun in court to demonstrate how the victim could have shot ­himself by accident. The accused ran away.

BITE UNFORTUNATE: Chinese chef Peng Fan was bitten by a head of a cobra 20 minutes before he left it.

One viewer literally died from laughing too hard
One viewer nearly died because he laughed too hard

POOR SOUL: Fagilyu Mukhmetzyanov, a Russian woman of 49 years, was wrongly declared dead by doctors. She woke up in a coffin at the funeral she attended in 2011, and died from a heart attack.

NO JUSTICE: The electric chair was thrown out of bounds by the appeal of Michael Anderson Godwin (a US murderer). He died from electrocution in 1989 after he chewed into a wire while trying to fix his earphones.

TRAGIC EPIC: Brit Alex Mitchell was killed in 1975 after he had spent half an hour laughing at The Goodies.

There is unlucky and then there is the unluckiest ever
There are unlucky people and there are those who are the most unlucky.

LAST TANGO: In 1998, Alberto Fargo, a Portuguese dance teacher, fell from the fifth floor. He was doing the tango and didn’t notice an open window.

FREAK INCIDENT: Mike Edwards, ex-ELO musician, was killed when a bale of hay rolled down a hill to strike the van he was using in Devon in 2010.

FATAL CALL – A body of a 39-year old man missing from the United States was discovered in a Barcelona dinosaur statue earlier this year. He was believed to have fallen asleep while trying to retrieve his phone.