Hunter is Rescued after Suffering From Injuries from a Buck in Cold


Shortly after midnight on Wednesday, authorities were sent to Schultz Road in Lewiston to help the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office search for a man lost in the woods, according to a statement made by Portage Fire Chief Troy Haase.

Deputies found the man’s ATV and after following his tracks, they found him in a drainage ditch. According to the chief the man claimed he had been injured in the right leg from a buck.

Haase stated that the man was confused and could have hypothermia. The crews gave first aid and tried to warm him. According to The Wisconsin State Journal.

A MedFlight helicopter arrived in a field nearby and the chief said that the pilot put the man in a stokes bag and flew him to a hospital.

“This rescue was a great example of multiple departments and entities working together to save a person’s life,” Haase said. 

“The PFD wants to thank the Columbia County Sheriff’s Department, MedFlight, and the firefighters for responding and working together to save the life of one of our citizens.”

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