Husband who pushed his wife off a cliff to cash life insurance appeals sentence. World News


Hakan Aysal was convicted of luring his wife, pregnant, to a beauty spot on cliff tops for a selfie. She then pushed her off.

He was a calculated husband who tried to push his wife off a cliff in order to cash in on her life insurance policy. Now he is trying escape from a 30-year sentence.

Hakan Aysal, 41 years old, lured his wife to a clifftop beauty spot and took a picture. Then he pushed her away.

The sick killer now appeals his sentence by claiming that he was mentally unfit to stand trial.

Turkey’s Fethiye Heavy Penal Court sentenced Aysal to an aggravated lifetime sentence on February 15, for the murder of Semra Aysal (33) who was seven-months pregnant.

He would be unable to apply for parole after 30 years under Turkish law.

Aysal claims that he is unfit for trial in a sick attempt to avoid justice.

He appealed the Izmir Regional Court of Justice asking for the 1st Supreme Council of the Forensic Medicine Institute of Istanbul to review his criminal capability.

The Fethiye Heavy Penal Court agreed to hear the case and sent it back to them for reconsideration.

Aysal will appear before the judge once again.

Aysal forced his pregnant wife, who was afraid to heights, to climb a clifftop at Butterfly Valley, Fethiye in June 2018.

After arriving at the beauty spot, the man kept his victim waiting for three hour for the place to be empty. Then he proceeded with the sinister act discretely.

He then used the cash from seven loans and a personal accident insurance policy with a guarantee of £18,800 that he had taken out in Semra’s name prior to her death to fund a life of luxury before the law caught up with him.

Shortly after he was jailed for murder, he attempted to sue 200 people who he claimed had insulted him on social media for £236 per person.

It isn’t clear whether any of these lawsuits went to court.

Turkey’s growing problem of femicide is evident after it quit the Istanbul Convention last July.

According to the 2021 Annual Data Report, released by the ‘We Will Stop Femicide Platform, 280 women were shot and killed in 2021 by men, while 217 women were found unnaturally dead.

According to data from Monument Counter, the following is “a digital memorial for women killed by violence”It is updated daily. So far, Turkey has seen 176 femicides.

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