‘I let my kids use screens whenever they want – it makes my life easier’


A young mum has been praised for speaking out against ‘perfect’ parenting tropes by sharing her realistic lifestyle – including feeding her children food from the freezer and allowing them to use screens

A woman has been praised for speaking out about her parenting style after she admitted she let her children have unlimited screen time to make her life easier.

TikTok star Siobhan Stephenson, @siobhanstephenson__, has gone down a storm on social media after sharing her ‘s**t mum’ style and said she doesn’t care what people think.

She allows her children to watch TV, feeds them ‘junk’ from the freezer, and even has a ”shut ya kid up” drawer filled with unhealthy snacks.

Now, people have rushed to the video to praise Siobhan for her honesty, saying it was good to see a ‘regular mum’ doing a good job.

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In the clip, Siobhan wrote: “Things I do as a s**t mum to make my life easier. Give my child unlimited screen time, independent playtime so I can s**t in peace.

“Unlimited ‘shut ya kid up with a snack’ draw. Lots of freezer food, screen time while eating.”

Siobhan’s video has been viewed over 1.5 million times and the young mum has been inundated with comments.

One user said: “So nice to see a regular mum haha. Thought I was the only one who did all these.”

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And a second wrote: “It’s the childfree people commenting that is not okay, go give birth then come argue with us. Who has time to talk to a child every min?”

Then a third added: “All the judgmental people on here giving their opinion when they are three hours deep in TikTok while their kids entertain themselves.”

Then comedian Rob Beckett commented on the video, adding: “This is my life.”

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