‘I saved £200 for Valentine’s gift – but took 74p away every time fiancée got mad at me’


A man has shared how he saved £265 for his partner’s Valentine’s present, but throughout the year he would take money out of the pot if she got mad and yelled at him

A man saved a fortune on Valentine’s Day by reducing the amount he planned to spend on his fiancée each time she yelled at him.

Taking to TikTok, Isaac Ramirez , @iisaac.ramirezz, said that last year he put aside £265 ($360) so he could get his partner something nice on Valentine’s Day.

But he made a rule, each time she yelled at him he would take away 74p ($1), and by the end of the year, there was only £29.50 ($40) left in the pot.

Isaac’s video, which has been viewed over nine million times, then shows another envelope – which reads “treat yourself, king”, and it’s full of cash.

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In the clip, Isaac said: “Last year I put $360 away for my fiancée’s Valentine’s gift but I took away $1 every day she yelled at me.

“Now her gift limit is $40 and I saved myself $320.”

After uploading the video, Isaac was soon inundated with comments from people who praised the idea, but some pointed out a few ways to improve it.

One said: “You should add money when she surprises you with something special – your favourite drink, meal, something she bought that made her think of you.”

And Isaac replied: “I like that idea.”

Then a second commented: “Add a dollar for when it was justified.”

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To which Isaac said: “Touché.”

But others were more concerned about Isaac’s relationship and wellbeing, saying he should be careful.

One wrote: “It’s time to find a new girl if she yelling at you 320 days of the year dawg.”

And another said: “She yelled at him 320 times in 365 days? Jesus.”

“Save £360 instead by breaking up,” wrote a third user.

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