‘I promised my father that I would name my son after him, but I can’t tolerate the sound of his name.’


A mum has begged other mum’s for help online, after admitting she regrets a promise to her dad that she’d name her newborn son after him, despite hating his name

Choosing your baby’s name can be really tough, with so many options out there.

It can be a sweet tribute to honour a loved one by naming your child after them – but for one mum, it’s causing issues.

She asked for advice online after admitting she regrets telling her dad that she’d name her son after him.

You see, he’s called Brian – and she really doesn’t like that name.

On Mumsnet, the woman explained the sticky situation she’d found herself in – and asked for suggestions.

The mum wrote: “So I mentioned to my sister that we would honour my dad’s name, Brian, as the middle name.

“My dad mentioned to her that he has 6 grandsons and none are named after him, but named after other relatives. For example, my other son’s name is Ezekiel James, James after my grandfather that passed.

“I feel like now that I said that, and I don’t honour it, and something happens to my dad I will full-heartedly regret it.”

In a desperate attempt to fix the situation, the mum said she was considering alternatives that sounded similar

This included ‘Briant’ or ‘Biran’, as she’d like her son’s first name to begin with ‘Cas’ so is struggling to find something that matches.

The mum added: “I like Cassiel and Cassian, but feel Cassiel might sound better with any of those alternative options.

“I do not like Casper or Caspian. What do you think? I feel like maybe I’ll have to let go of my obsession with the [nickname] Cas for my boy and find a different first name that goes really well with one of those middle names.”

People were divided, after the woman revealed that her brother is called Bryan – meaning he’s already been honoured, in some people’s eyes.

One wrote: “Wtf?! Your dad already has his own son named after him (assuming Bryan is Brian’s son?) and he’s moaning that none of his grandsons is named after him? Does he know it’s not a god-given right to have a newborn given the same name…?

“I’d totally ignore him and his guilt-tripping and choose names you like.”

Another added: “Sorry, but your father is being a total p***k about this.

“This baby is your baby, and you can choose whatever name you want to, he’ll get over it. Brian is an awful, dated name, so who could blame you for not wanting to use it, even for a middle name. Brian is my husband’s middle name and he hates it.”

A third commented: “Either goes with Brian or don’t bother at all, a halfhearted gesture will be seen as just that.”

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