“I took my friend to court when she fired me as a bridesmaid. I won’t be leaving her!”


After a former bridesmaid claims she was sacked from the bridal party for getting a haircut three days before the wedding, she decided to take the bride to court – suing her for £656

A woman claims that she managed to sue her friend to the tune of £656 after she rudely dismissed her from her bridal party.

Ex-bridesmaid informed she had to resign three days prior to the wedding due to a hairstyle that did not conform with the bride’s specifications.

Due to some health issues, her hair was thinning. “falling out in chunks”It was decided that she would cut it. The bride was informed about the chop two weeks prior to the three-day ceremony, but she didn’t hear back from her until three days earlier.

She replied with a scathing reply, and then asked the shocked bridesmaid for her opinion. “please step down from participating in my wedding.”

In reply, the woman sent the invoice to the bride-to be and her husband. It included the invoice for the three different dresses, shoes, and alterations. The entire amount had come from her pocket. She decided to take legal action after she did not hear back.

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The disgruntled bridesmaid took to Reddit nine months ago and wrote: “I was told I was inconsistent and selfish after I spent the past two weeks helping her plan the wedding shower, I worked with another bridesmaid to surprise her with a bridal shower after our bachelorette trip had to be cancelled.

“I spent hours helping her with the details of her wedding. When she asked me to tone her before the wedding, I sent her a personalized workout program and went to the gym with her.”

Now, in a recent update, the poster gave the latest on her legal case, which has seen her sue the bridezilla for £656.

With obvious joy at the outcome, she revealed: “We were each given an opportunity to present our sides during the hearing. I won’t go into the details of it but it took probably 10 to 15 mins. My state does not immediately give the verdict and can take up to 90 day!

“And so… I waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. Then yesterday May 5 (almost 90 days after!) I got a verdict. I WON! She has been ordered to pay me a total of £656 ($808.94) for the dresses and shoes.

“I must return the two shoes and dresses I gifted to her. The verdict takes effect on May 30, I don’t see her appealing it (or fingers crossed she doesn’t). Overall, I’m very happy with the result and am ready to end this chapter.”

The poster was also pleased to report that her “Hair and health are much better”, and that she “Couldn’t be happier”.

A number of fellow Reddit users have come forward to applaud the determined woman for sticking to her guns, with one person describing her as their “hero”.

Another person cheered: “Thank you so much. You had to do it for health reasons. Your friend was more interested in her vision of a perfect wedding than your own health.

“I’m sure there could have been something done, like hair extensions or a wig, if you had agreed to that. Instead, she just kicked you out. It’s only right you got reimbursed for all that money.”

The third person spoke: “I don’t understand the ‘I’m getting married so everyone in the wedding party has to do what I want them to with their appearance and hair color/length’ level of entitlement brides have.

“My sister only had one rule regarding my hair. It was to be freshly dyed. This was something her best friend did, but no space buns. I am glad that you won the court case and I hope you get paid. I wish you the best for your health and well-being.”

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