“I tried Toby Carvery’s festive foot-long superpig and it tasted just like Christmas.”


Toby Carvery’s Festive Super Pig is now a foot-long. It comes in a blanket with a 30cm-long pork in it.

There are many wonderful aspects to Christmas: spending time with loved ones, receiving lots of pressies and much more. However, I believe we can all agree that the best aspect of Christmas is the food.

It’s okay to eat whatever you like during the countdown to Santa’s visit down the chimney.

The best festive food is, however, the pig covered in blanket. This delicious delight seems to only appear in peoples’ fridges during Christmas countdown.

Toby Carvery launched its own festive favourite treat in honor of Christmas. I went along to Chadderton, Oldham to check it out. It will make you feel all Christmas.

The Festive Super Pig is essentially a giant pig in blanket, which you can get on its own as a side, served with cranberry or BBQ sauce for a modest £5.49. You can also do as I did and get the Festive Super Pig as your main course. It comes in a ciabatta, with turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce, along with salad or roasties.

In for a penny, in for a pound, I decided to go for the main course, opting for roasties on the side, obviously, which came to very reasonable £7.49, given the sheer size of the meal. Although I knew the Super Pig would be large at 30 centimetres (or a foot) long, it still seemed much larger when served on a dinner plate.

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To be completely transparent, I did not pick up the Super Pig and eat the Super Pig like a hotdog. Instead, I used my knife to carefully cut the sausage sarnie into small pieces and then carefully dipped each one in the pot of cranberry. I enjoyed the sausage and bacon, but I prefer extra crispy bacon.

Although the turkey was a nice addition to the ciabatta’s crust, it was a bit unnecessary. It was almost indistinguishable from the stronger flavours of the sausage, bacon and stuffing. Is it really a Christmas sandwich that doesn’t include turkey? The stuffing was excellent and the cranberry was extremely tasty, but also very sweet.

The lovely waitress was happy to serve me a side of gravy. It was primarily for the roasties but I ended up using it to cover the rest of my Super Pig. This helped to offset the sweetness of the Cranberry Chutney.

To be completely honest, I couldn’t finish my festive superpig-length Festive Super Pig. Instead, I decided to finish the fillings and leave behind some bread and a few roasties.

Toby Carvery and pigs wrapped in blankets are two of my favorite things so I was high on the Super Pig. It exceeded all of my expectations and I am relieved to report that I enjoyed every single bite. It’s quite literally Christmas in a bun, and I don’t really think you can ask for much more for a modest £7.49.

Toby Carvery restaurants will have the Festive Super Pig, which measures approximately 6 feet long, until December 31.

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